Helper Minion


Best for work such as: running errands, household chores, deep cleaning, cooking, event help, pick up your StarBucks, etc.

College Minion


(Has completed college or is currently enrolled.)

These big brained scholars make great personal assistants. Great for: Internet research, organizing, paperwork, taking calls, helping with homework, and much more. Just assign a task and watch them go!

Work Horse Minion


Got some heavy lifting to do? These minions come ready to sweat! Best for: yard work, moving, auto detail, garage clean up, etc.

Services and Pricing

Scaling Prices

Up to $3/hr increase

Our minions put forth maximum effort, so it is important to pay them better than minimum wage. Depending on the the minimum wage in your city, the cost of service will increase by up to $3/hr to accommodate the difference.

Drive-to Fee and Mileage  ($5 +$1 per mile)

This rate is for the distance (one-way) from the minion to you. If additional driving is required, you will need to compensate your minion 30c per mile for vehicle expenses in addition their hourly rate. We are adding minions every day.  See who’s close with our Minion Map.