How to Be A Minion

The Benefits

-Dynamic Pay Scale (earn what you are worth)

-Most assignments pay direct cash, same day.

-Flexible scheduling.

(Create your own schedule. Take unlimited time off.)


-Must maintain positive customer feedback.

-Must have reliable means of transportation.

-Must pass a background check with no felonies, theft, or outstanding warrants.

Work From Home Opportunity

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For more info about this sales opportunity, please call (901)319-4970. No sales experience required.

Otherwise, please read the following information about being a “minion” and fill out the application at the bottom.

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Please read this entire page carefully before applying. There is a hidden code that you will need in order to sign up. Thanks!

Rent-a-Minion is a service for people who just need some extra hands for whatever random task they are trying to accomplish. As a minion, your job description is pretty much “just show up and do whatever is asked.” Some is labor intensive, some is not, some requires driving (mileage compensated). You would be paid according to customer feedback plus a $0.50 per mile “drive-to” fee (for jobs more than 10 miles away),  $0.30 reimbursement for driving your own vehicle on the job, and tips if you’re good.  Most jobs pay same day in cash or personal check. At this juncture, RaM is only intended to be a way to make a little extra on the side in addition to a primary source of income. For this reason, we let you easily create your own hours of availability and take unlimited time off on the fly. If this is for you, please continue reading.

This is not so much an application, as a sign up. There are, however, a few simple requirements.

Criminal Background: Because you will be having unsupervised interactions with sometimes vulnerable customers, we must conduct a strict (and costly) background check. We look specifically for felonies, theft, and open warrants over the last 10 years. By joining, you agree that your record is clear of these. If you fail your background check, you will be in violation of your contract and any wages earned prior to receiving your background check will be forfeit.

Transportation: A customer might sometimes ask you to run an errand for them, or even want to use you like a taxi. For this reason, you must maintain a clean, dependable vehicle with insurance (not applicable in walking cities such as NYC.)

Being a Minion: ______________________________

Self Employed: You will not be an "employee" of Rent-a-Minion, but will instead be doing business in your own name. This means no taxes will be taken out of your check, but you will still be responsible for paying them to the IRS at tax time. Also, there are no employee benefits such as insurance. You will be responsible and liable for yourself. R-a-M would not be your employer, but a referral service that maintains a certain standard of service to maintain loyal customers.

What are you not required to do: Short answer, you aren't required to do anything but maintain positive customer feedback. You accomplish this by keeping your customers happy, doing what they ask. If you feel a certain task is dangerous, it will be up to your own discernment. Remember that you are responsible for yourself. Most customers will be reasonable with you. If you are asked to do anything illegal or inappropriate, call us immediately!

Being a minion means doing whatever tasks are asked of you (within reason) with an attitude of "I'm happy to have this opportunity." After the completion of each job, we call your customer and ask for feedback. Your future pay is determined by this feedback, so it is important to work hard at every job and impress every customer.


Taking a job: When a customer books within your service area, you will be notified only of the time, date, and necessary details. You will not be afforded the opportunity to pick and choose based upon whether or not you like the type of work. If you are unable or unwilling to perform certain types of tasks, you be given the opportunity to indicate so on the application.

Once you accept the job, you MUST show up. Put it on the calendar, set an alarm, or get a tattoo. Just do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss your appointment. In the event of an emergency, we still require a phone call with as much advance notice as possible. More than one “emergency” situation per year counts severely against your rating, so don’t abuse it. If you do not show up for your first job, you will incur a $50 fine debited from your credit card.

Your Schedule: On the sign up form, we will ask for your general hours of availability. We will rarely (if ever) call you to set up a job outside of those hours. Make sure to answer when we call. If you miss our call, please call (or text) us back ASAP (30 minutes max), even if you can’t take the job.  The customer will be waiting on your answer.


Dynamic Pay Scale: Your starting pay is usually about $2 above minimum wage in your area. After a certain number (usually around 5) of consecutive positive reviews, your rate is increase by $0.80/hour. However, if a single customer reports that you were not worth the rate they paid, your rate will be decreased by $0.80/hour and your positive streak will reset. The goal is that minions will earn exactly what they deserve while customers can be assured that they are getting what they pay for. *Bonus Bumps: On occasion, a minion may receive an immediate raise for exceptional service as judged by the staff of Rent-a-Minion.

Getting Paid: Your customers will pay a booking deposit over the phone which is kept by the company as our referral fee. (This is built into our base price and does not affect your expected hourly rate.) The remainder is paid to you directly from the customer. It will be your responsibility to collect this payment so make sure you get it BEFORE you leave the job. If the customer cannot pay with cash or check, call us and we will collect via credit card. Even so, do this BEFORE you leave. We cannot charge to their credit card without their permission.

Tips: Never expect a tip. For this company, a tip is what it should be (a little extra given out of generosity for exceptional service.) Many customers will tip if you are doing a great job. Many customers will have no idea that sometimes, people tip minions. It is not your place to inform them, no matter how subtle you may think you are being. If you receive a tip, you may graciously accept. (The more gratitude you show, the more likely you are to get a good tip from that customer in the future.) Just remember that this is not a waitress type position where a tip is expected because it is required to maintain fair compensation.

Mileage Compensation: If driving is required for the job, you will be compensated $0.30 per mile on top of your hourly rate for miles driven on the clock. An easy way to calculate and document mileage, is to just take a picture of your odometer before you start the drive, and subtract that number from your odometer reading at the end of the trip.

Drive-to Fee: If a job is under 3 hours or over 10 miles away, you will receive a “drive-to fee” for time and mileage spent driving to and from a job comparable to Uber pay rates. This is 50c per mile one way (or 25c round trip) for off the clock miles. So, do not fret if you have to drive to the other side of the city for a job, you will be compensated. If a job does not end where it began, you can figure 25c per mile round trip to and from your cross street to account for any additional mileage. You will need to think ahead before the job starts and communicate with your client to ensure you have time to make it to your next appointment.


Keeping Your Customers Happy: We use customer feedback to ensure a high standard of service. Each customer you serve will be asked their opinion of  their overall experience with you. To keep your pay rate moving up and keep from getting bumped down, you will need to make sure your customers are impressed.

Attitude: Statistically, this is by far THE most important factor in the way our customers rate. Show them that you are eager to please and appreciative of their business, not just with your words, but with the entire way you conduct yourself. 

Work Ethic: Your customers are paying by the hour, often more than they themselves make. Hard work is our brand. It is the ONLY thing we sell. Just getting the job done will not earn you a raise. You will need to put some umph in it to impress. If you are assisting in a job side by side with your client, do not wait for specific commands before you jump in and help. Tell them “Sit back and relax, I got this.” If they are not working directly with you, the only way to impress is with great results within the given time frame. Try to finish early so you can call and say “Alright, what else can I do?”

Personality: Here's a business secret for you, only a real hard case will give you a bad review if they like you as a person. Be friendly. Don't try to impersonate a cheesy salesman, just try to engage them on a light personal level. Just make sure to keep working while you talk.

Personal Presentation: Though they may not know it, most customers have already decided how they will review you within the first minute. If you don't look like a great worker, they will not expect you to be a great worker. Then, any little thing you do wrong will serve to validate that assumption and any great service you offer will only seem tolerable. "At least they got THAT part right." A clean shave and a collared shirt are an easy way to up your ratings.

Independence: You will need to make a judgement call on how independent to be. So customers will want to micro-manage. However, most will want to be able to leave you alone and trust that you will do a good job and make good decisions. It is good to try to be self-sufficient and perform a task correctly with little instruction, but if you are not confident you are performing the task correctly, ask for clarification.

Skill: Oddly enough, skill level is at the bottom of the list (specialized jobs excluded). It is more of a bonus to your customers if you come with years of experience. It can turn a 4 star into a five star, but don't plan on experience making up for a bad work ethic or dislikable personality.

Bad Reviews: There are always a few that seem impossible to please. For those, you will need to squeeze out the best review possible. Our dynamic pay system assumes that you will eventually peak and have difficulty maintaining such a high hourly rate. You may get rated down just for being so expensive. In these cases, it is your job to prove that you ARE worth that high rate.  However, if you feel a customer has unfairly rated you down, you will be given the option to refuse future jobs for that customer.

Repeat Customers: We try to pair repeat customers with minions they have used before. So, if a customer loves you so much that they use us again, you will be the go-to minion for them (meaning more work/money in your pocket). The hidden code that you will need for the application is “Minionize Me.”  WARNING! You are not allowed to go around RaM procedures or do business directly with a customer of Rent-a-Minion. We recognize the temptation to do so and therefore keep a careful watch. If repeat customers disappear after doing business with you, or you don't seem to get as many repeat customers as we would expect, we conduct an investigation. It is a timely and costly job to get the customers on board with us and it only pays off if the customers STAY on board with us. When a customer approaches you offering to do business directly with you in the future (and they will), please inform them that it is against your contract and make sure to inform us. It lets us know that you are not accepting direct booking, and also helps us keep other minions from stealing that customer from us and costing YOU the opportunity for repeat service.


Just Getting Started: It is a great time to get started with Rent-a-Minion! We intend to grow FAST and promote from within. However, jobs may be slow while we gather our initial customer base. For now, this is only intended as a way to make money on the side of your primary source of income. But have no doubt that we are working HARD to put you to work. 


Still want to be a minion? 

Please read the terms of use agreement under “Apply Here” then fill out the application.

Terms of use agreement.

1. Non-Solicitation. In return for services offered by Rent-a-Minion [located at 3796 Ardent Rd. Memphis TN 38118] (henceforth referred to as the Company), from this date until the time of 1 year has passed following the date of any exchange of services or money with the Company:

1.1. Partners and Employees. I will not directly or indirectly [, on my own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others], in any capacity solicit the business of any partner or employee of the Company.

1.2. Customers. I will not directly or indirectly [, on my own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others], in any capacity solicit the business of any customer [ or consultant] of the Company.

1.3. Business. I will not directly or indirectly [, on my own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others], in any capacity divert, entice, terminate or reduce its relationship with the Company, or otherwise take away from the Company, the business or patronage of any Customer, or attempt to do so.

2. Criminal Background. I have no history of felony or theft, have no open warrants, and agree to a background check.

3. Legal Eligibility: I am able to legally work in the United states.

4. Violation of Contract. Furthermore, I agree to pay no less than a $5,000 fine for violating any part of this agreement in addition to possible law suits and legal expenses.

Continuing in the application process constitutes as your signature to the above legal agreement.

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