Introducing Dynamic Scheduling

With Dynamic Scheduling, we use Google Calendar to have live access to your schedule and instantly book customers for your free time.

The setup is actually much easier than it appears. We just wanted to spell out the step by step instructions to make sure even a cave man could do it.

To use dynamic scheduling, you will need a Google account. (You can create an alternate account for this if you wish. Just make sure it is set up on your phone to alert you when you have an email.)  

THE RULES: Dynamic Scheduling exists to allow us to automatically assign you jobs for your available hours. If you miss an automatically assigned job, it will count just like any other “No call. No show.” (bad).

-If you choose to enroll in dynamic scheduling, it is paramount that you check your Gmail at least once a day. When we have a job for you, you will receive an email that allows you to add the job to your calendar.  Make sure to indicate that you will be attending the event. This tells us that you got the email and will definitely show up. (You are expected to show up even if you don’t mark yourself as attending.)

-Fill out your schedule completely. If you have an open spot on your schedule between the hours of 8am to 10pm, you can be automatically assigned jobs during that time period and will be expected to attend. If you are unsure about a time period, mark it as busy just to be sure.  

How to set up your calendar:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the round icon at the top right to make sure you are signed in with the Google account you wish to use for rent-a-minion.
  3. Click on the gear icon and go to settings.
  4. Click the "calendars" tab.
  5. Under "calendar", select your name.
  6. Click the "share this calendar" tab.
  7. Select "make this calendar public" and "share only my free/busy information".
  8. Click "save".
  9. Go back to gear icon > settings > calendars > your name.
  10. In the "Calendar Address" section, click the little blue "HTML" box 11. Right click the link (should start with https://calendar...) and select copy.

How to use:

You will need to enter any times that you are unable or unwilling to work. For example: If you want Sundays off, create an all-day event for Sunday. Call it whatever you want. The only thing anybody else can see is that you are marked as "busy" for that day. FYI, this is also a great way to manage your personal schedule.

Most calendar aps can integrate with google calendar. Just go into your calendar settings and add a new calendar or account. We recommend using the Google Cal app or just going directly through the Google Cal website. It is fairly intuitive, but there is also an in-depth video tutorial at

To use it straight from the web, go to (Click the round icon at the top right to make sure you are signed in with the Google account you wish to use for rent-a-minion.)

From the web page, click the red "create" button. Enter the specific hours you will need off. (You can select "all day" or set it up as a repeating event). Make sure to check the box next to "busy" or "available", otherwise, this whole thing is pointless. (Example: If you are just reminding yourself of a birthday, select "available". If you need the indicated time period off, select "busy".) Beside "Notifications", you can select how long before the event you would like to be notified. (Email is usually more useful than Pop-up.) The other boxes can be left blank or filled in as you choose. (Remember, nobody else sees anything other than “busy” or “available”.  

Check your work and send us the link.